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The site of our 2009 mural project was the Kirkland Library. Painting of the mural was completed, the library was renovated, and the mural is now in place in the children's section.

The wall that was painted is aproximately 8 feet tall by 26 feet long. The actual mural was painted on panels, so that the painting could be done in another adjacent room and moved into place when the library renovations were completed. Below is the small-scale mock-up of the design. It underwent minor changes as the project progressed.

Below is a collage of pieces of the mural - can you find your favorite storybook character?

For the story and pics of the mural's creation, please click here.

To see pics of painting the mural and the finished mural as it came to life, please click here. Don't miss it - all your favorite storybook characters are here!

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