The Foundation of Stars, formerly known as the Foundation for Research into Children’s Diseases, is recognized as the most important source of non-governmental funding for pediatric research in Quebec. Since its first Telethon of Stars in 1977, the Foundation has raised more than $62.5 million for research into children's diseases (as of December 2010).

In November 2007, the Foundation changed its familiar star logo. Against a sky blue background, the Foundation of Stars' new logo pictures three stars which shape a youngster's face expressing hope and happiness. The stars symbolize the emotional feelings of children and families who benefit from pediatric research. The "stars" have long been associated with the Foundation's biggest annual event, the Telethon of Stars.

According to the Foundation's President, Mr. Jean Tremblay, "The stars are bright and filled with the promise of a better future for the children, in a world where the promotion of health, the prevention of diseases and the discovery of new treatments will reduce the suffering of children and the disarray of families of children affected by a disease, a trauma, or a genetic or congenital handicap." (Press conference report, November 2007)

The MADP participated in these telethons between the years 1998 and 2001 by painting large backdrops for the annual telethons.


1998 - Teddy Bears Playing Musical Instruments

The Teddy Bears mural was created by the following MADP members: Carole Albert, Sandra Baertschi, Adèle Guilbault, Olga Langevin, Denise Lefebvre, Sue Nardoza, and Jeanne-Marie Shipley.


1999 - City Skyline

The City Skyline backdrop was used for two of the Foundation's 1999 fund-raising activities: the Telethon of Stars and the Bal Des Enfants du Monde.


2000 - Winter Wonderland

The Winter Wonderland mural was created by the following MADP members: Olga Langevin, Brigitta Paar, Cynthia Fournier, Anne Rivet, Norma Akkelian, Gale Numme and Sandra Baertschi.


2001 - Under A Starlight Sky


The "Under A Starlight Sky" mural was created by the MADP members pictured above: Cheryl Yank, Nadia Bishay, Patricia Belmar, Olga Langevin, Cynthia Fournier, and Judy Cordner.

The mural was used for two of the Foundation's 2001 fund-raising activities: the Telethon of Stars and the Bal des Enfants du Monde held at Le Centre Sheraton.

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