Montreal Area Decorative Painters 
History of the MADP Guild

In 1990, the Guild held a contest to choose a Guild logo for our new name - MONTREAL AREA DECORATIVE PAINTERS. The winner was Joanna Olson. 

Later, Johann Law incorporated the logo into a Guild banner, hand-painted and quilted by her. It appeared at monthly meetings and on other special occasions.

For four years (1990-93) several members submitted pieces for sale in the Montreal General Hospital's Early Bird Sale with a percentage of proceeds donated to the hospital.

The Aprons:  You were required to make your apron cost per package (which included fabric and instructions) was about $20.  In the 1993 newsletter, it notes that Debbie Addison had volunteered to sew them at $10 per apron.  The MADP logo was painted onto the bib using JoSonja paints in Burgundy, Moss Green, Prussian Blue Hue and a little Warm White.

Sylvia Jenkins' seminar - May 1990

Jane Anderson's Seminar - 1991

Interest in decorative painting continued to grow and so did our membership. At first it was limited and we added an Associate membership. However, in 1991 we voted to open up the membership which then totalled almost 70 full-time members.

Helen Cockshutt's Seminar - 1991

In 1991 the Montreal Chest Hospital requested a few volunteers to paint tables for their newly acquired coffee shop, a room made available for those who wanted a more quiet place to relax. It had existed since the 1970's but was a rather cold and uninviting place to go - the usual greenish painted walls, no windows. Louise Melling, a volunteer at the hospital, had the idea to reopen this little room - but to recreate it in the style of a little café typical of those found in France.  Ambience Café was the result.  Walls were repainted in a soft faux-fini style and a window, complete with shutters and flowerboxes overflowing with plants was added. Tables and chairs were repainted, with games such as checkers, Chinese checkers and backgammon painted onto some of the table-tops.  Wreaths and dried flower decorations were added, as well as a variety of articles painted by local decorative artists.

 Among the professionals who participated in this adventure were members of our Guild - Jackie Nadeau, Susan Shaw, Nancy McDougall and Bonnie Kastner.

Christmas 1991

at the Museum of Fine Arts

Year of the Angels

In 1992, the Guild felt that we were large enough to hold our own annual sale. We rented half of the grand hall at the Pierrefonds Cultural Centre and were now responsible for advertising, printing invitations and handling all the cash. Our first MADP Annual Exhibition and Sale in November 1992 was extremely successful, with sales beyond our dreams.

MADP 1992 Christmas Meeting - Pointe Claire Chalet

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