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History of the MADP Guild

In 1993, in compliance with the new Quebec Civil Code which was to come into effect January 1994, the Guild registered as an association in the province of Quebec with the official names of Les Artistes de l'Art Décoratif de Montréal and the Montreal Area Decorative Painters.


Jane Anderson was one of the seminar leaders that year.

The June luncheon was held at Huguette Beaubien's home.

In October 1993, we extended the sale, from two days and one evening, to three days and one evening. In order to raise money for the 1994 sale's room rental, we held an official raffle through the 'Régie des Jeux et Lotteries du Quebec' and raffled off a hand-painted (by the members of the Guild), hand quilted (by Johann Law) double bed-size quilt in a floral theme. 

Again, the 1993 sale was extremely successful and we raised enough money so that we could double the size of the rented hall for the 1994 sale. It was decided that a percentage of the proceeds of the 1993 sale would be donated to the West Island Women's Shelter, and in December 1993, we presented a cheque to the West Island Women's Shelter in the amount of $1,100.00.

A mural titled "Il était une fois..." - "Once Upon A Time... was painted at the Montreal Children's Hospital on a main wall in the out-patient department. The wall measures 8.9 feet by 26 feet. The initial planning started in August 1993 and the actual work began March 8, 1994. Twenty-six members of the Guild volunteered to paint the mural which was completed April 18, 1994. 

Read about this community project, and see lots of pics by clicking HERE.

Our membership in 1994 grew from 64 members to 81 members. At that time we moved our meeting place from Lakeside Heights Recreation Centre in Pointe-Claire to the Pierrefonds Cultural Centre where we were already holding our Annual Sale.

We enjoyed three visiting teachers in 1994: Brenda Jansen came for two days and did projects on eyes and roses, Carol Ferland spent three days teaching us how to paint a girl’s face, a still life and a mallard, and Marilyn Gannon taught us how to weave a basket that had a painted top.

With a room twice the size of previous years, the 1994 Annual Guild Exhibition and Sale was once again a great success. The raffle prize was a fully decorated Christmas tree with approximately 140 hand-painted ornaments on the theme of the Twelve Days of Christmas, complete with a hand painted, hand-quilted tree skirt. The raffle tickets were sold out the first day of the Sale. The Guild donated proceeds of $1,200.00 to the West Island Women's Shelter again.

In 1995, with a membership of approximately 95, we held our meetings "upstairs" at the Pierrefonds Cultural Centre. This room was much larger with floor-to-ceiling windows that provide natural light for our meeting/painting classes. Ronnie Bringle taught a three-day seminar, a rooster fire screen and Canada Geese on canvas. 

1995 Painting Convention - Ottawa

The Annual Guild Exhibition and Sale was held again at the Pierrefonds Cultural Centre and was a great success; the main raffle prize was a hand-painted original, design blanket box, with the four seasons scenes painted by Linda Butler, a guild member.

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