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In 1996 the Guild celebrated its 10th Anniversary. A luncheon was held at the Chateau Vaudreuil on June 11th with door prizes for everyone who attended. Also, to commemorate the 10th Anniversary, the guild collected recipes from its members and published a Cookbook. Five hundred copies were issued and $2.00 from each book was donated to a charity.

We had three visiting teachers in 1996 - Linda Wise for four days in March, Heather Reddick for three days (Russian FIorals) in June and Barb Watson for three days in September who taught a Colour Relationship Theory class, in oils.

The raffle prize at the Annual Exhibition & Sale was a decorated Christmas Tree with hand painted ornaments from sale participants. As a result of an extremely successful sale, the Guild donated $1,500.00 to the charity "Dans la Rue". Membership climbed to 118 members.

In 1997, we enjoyed three seminars taught by out of town teachers, Arlene Beck in March, Linda Wise in June and Connie Parkinson in September.

We also voted to limit our membership to 110 members plus an unlimited number of associate members. We found the guild was becoming too large for the space that we had and too much work for the members who volunteer their time to run it.

The raffle prize at our annual Exhibition and Sale was a hand-painted, hand-quilted, quilt. A donation of $1,500.00 was made to Resto-Vie from sale proceeds. We donated another $1000.00 to Resto-Vie from the proceeds of our cookbook.

In May 1998, an outside mural for the Montreal Children's Hospital was designed and painted by thirty-one members of the Guild. It was titled "On a Clear Day". The mural featured teddy bears and hot-air balloons in a park with a background landscape of hills. Please click HERE to read about and see more pics of this community project.

The Annual Exhibition and Sale was a big success. The raffle prize was a deacon's bench with twelve ovals. Each oval was painted by a different member. A donation of $2,400.00 was made to the Montreal Breast Cancer Foundation.

The backdrop for The 1998 Telethon of Stars for Research into Children Diseases was produced by volunteers of the Guild. The theme was teddy bears playing musical instruments. Please click HERE to see the backdrops for the Telethon of Stars from 1998 to 2001.

As was tradition, the Guild decorated a Christmas tree at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts. Many members participated in the painting of the fairies for this event. Please click HERE to see close-ups of the fairy decorations.

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