Montreal Area Decorative Painters 


Active Members:

Active members are those persons interested in tole and decorative painting, who have paid their annual membership fee and who agree to comply with the by-laws of the Guild.  The number of active members is limited to 100.

Active members may attend seminars by out-of-town teachers, participate in the annual Guild sale, use the Guild library facilities, and participate in the numerous workshops held on a bi-monthly basis.  They also receive the bi-monthly newsletter.

Click  here  to download the 2020 Active Member application form.

Associate Members:

There are an unlimited number of associate members.

Associate members receive the newsletter, may attend the Annual General Meeting in December, and may participate in the seminars by out-of-town teachers if there are spaces available.

Associate members do not have voting privileges nor do they attend meetings.  They also may not participate in the annual guild sale, nor use the Members' Area of the MADP Web site.

Associate members may remain with the Guild as Associate members, or be placed on the waiting list to become an Active member as soon as a space is available.

Click  here  to download the 2020 Associate Member application form.

Past members who have moved away and are visiting in the area are welcome to attend meetings.


This page last updated March 2, 2020.