Below is a supply list & prep. instructions
                        for Val Cole's Workshop

- 8" x 10" canvas or canvas board
- Brushes - bring an assortment of liners, filberts & flats. Val prefers you paint
      with the brushes you are most comfortable using.
- Acrylic paints
           Titanium White
           Burnt Umber
           Burnt Sienna
           Raw Sienna
           Ultramarine Blue
           Yellow Oxide
           Cerulean Blue
Bring a pen/pencil and paper to class to take notes on colors and sequence of painting.

Gesso your canvas with one LIGHT coat.
Let it dry overnight.
Trace on the outlines of your pattern, being very precise around the face,
      eyes and nose areas.
Paint the sky with a light mix of Cerulean Blue + Titanium White + ato
      Ultramarine Blue. This should be a value of 8 or 9.
If you are feeling brave, you may base coat in the trees.
Tree on the left is a medium grey (BU+UMB+TW) Value 6.
Tree on the right is a lighter value grey. Value 7 or 8.
Remember your copy of the photo - printed or on IPad or laptop.
If you have any questions, please contact Joan by e-mail ( or at 514-624-8605
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