Below is what you will need
                  for Micheline Sansregret's Workshop

- One piece of 140 Arches paper 11" x 14"
- A permanent marker pen
- Brushes - one large, one medium (size 6) and one very small, like size 2
- Colors needed:
           Yellow - any nice looking yellow
           Alizarin Crimson (very important)
           Yellow Ochre
           Ultramarine Blue
           Phthalo Green or Viridian
           Burnt Sienna
- One palette or board for the paper to be put on (a few will be available if       needed)
- Water container
- Paper towels
- Matte medium if you have it (do not buy it if you don't have it)
If you have any questions, please contact Joan by e-mail ( or at 514-624-8605
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